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Website Development


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Website Development and How Does it Work?

Example steps of the website development process include:

Project: A general outline and overview of the project is reviewed with the business owner. Covered in this meeting will be organization, background, the product and services offered and the value provided to the current and potential audience.

Goals: Determining three to four specific goals that the website should achieve. These goals allow the website developer the ability to focus on what will provide the most impact.

Target Audiences: Identifying the target audience profiles, branding perceptions, audience needs and online goals.

Message: What is the key message that will attract and motivate current and potential customers to engage with your business?

Competition: Pinpointing businesses that provide similar products or services. An overview of competitive organizations’ websites, visual branding, messaging, navigation, calls to action and key differentiators.


Who Writes the Content for My Website?

Website Developer Content Writing

Writing content for a website can be a difficult task. You should be prepared for:

  • The undertaking of the refining of old content
  • The responsibility of the creating new content
  • Determining what professional images you would prefer be displayed
  • Consider the addition of videos
  • Choosing what social media outlets will appear on your website
  • If you want a blog area, and a prepared calendar schedule for maintaining it
Website Design

Website Design

Once a plan of action is determined for either a new website or a website redesign the next step is to create a visual style.

Style: The overall visual style will be determined by your brand and logo in addition to preferred colors and images.

Brand: Your business brand plays an important factor in this part of the design process and our website designers will want to visually convey key brand concepts within the new design.

Design Options: Generally, three website designs are provided for you to choose from.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

How long will it take to build a website?

Almost daily, we are the recipients of this question. The answer depends on the project and how long it takes a client to make decisions, provide their content and respond to inquiries.

In our experience, website generally can take from 60-90 days. We have completed websites in less than a week and also in one day, but these are unusual circumstances. At the first consultation, we prepare the client and follow up with specific written instructions, so that the website development process is seemless. Because this is our area of expertise, it is our job to communicate and guide our clients for a successful project.


Mobile Apps FAQ

Why a Mobile App?

In the year 2000 there was no Facebook, no YouTube. Yahoo! had recently rejected the purchase of Google for an insignificant amount of money.

At that time, websites were not popular. The concept of digitally transforming your company on the world wide web was reserved for the Fortune 100’s and certainly was not accepted by small to medium size businesses. The thought process then was along the lines of: “I have a Yellow Pages ad and a sign outside my store. What more do I need?”

Fifteen years later, businesses have website and are constantly trying to enhance their websites to adhere to the lastest information and technology available to be found on page one of search engines.

The point is that while businesses in 2000 didn’t depend on websites and the internet as they do today, those that saw the potential, began building websites early and benefited the most when consumers shifted their behavior to be more digital.

This is exactly where we stand today with mobile apps. The next generation of technology is already here. Are you prepared?


Mobile App Features

Complete Custom Mobile App Design, The Next Generation of Communication has Arrived. 

  • Push notifications send messages to your customers whenever you’d like using our easy to use CMS
  • Contact Information allows you to give customers multiple ways to contact your business
  • GPS Directions that give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world
  • Mortgage Calculator feature where you can preset an interest rate
  • Real Estate features
  • Online Ordering for restaurants
  • Mobile Reservations
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Shopping Cart feature that integrates with PayPal
  • WuFoo integration allows you to easily create an appointment, order, feedback or contact form
  • YouTube Integration allows you to display hundreds of videos from your YouTube channel
  • Blog Integration integrates your RSS feed to allow your users to quickly and easily read your blog posts
  • Mailing List feature allows you to stay in contact with your customers by gathering names and e-mail directly inside your app
  • MyEmma, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Get Response, iContact, or MailChimp integration all easily allows you to import contacts gathered from your mobile app into your email marketing campaign service
  • Native Image Gallery allows you to display images of your business in a beautiful image gallery optimized for iPhone and Android
  • One Touch Calling from inside your app
  • Tell-A-Friend with built in sharing capabilities over Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • Menu Conversion feature allows for easy to navigate optimized mobile menu(s)
  • A Point of Interest displays any points of interest on a map
  • Event Listings feature allows you to include all of your businesses events on the go
  • Email Photo feature allows customers to take or send a photo and email it directly to your business
  • Set up a Fan Wall for your customers to leave feedback on your business. Manage the comments online
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Myspace integration to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites
  • Podcast integration allows your users to listen on the go from their favorite mobile device
  • SoundCloud integration allows users to listen to any audio file online on their mobile device
  • Notepad feature allows users to record text notes and email them to anyone at anytime
  • Voice Recorder feature allows users to record voice notes and email them to anyone at anytime
Mobile Apps Client Dashboard

Preview Changes & Send Push Notifications On The Fly

We’re strong believers in instant gratification. Forget about time-consuming back-and-forth changes. Send notifications and view your edits instantly, and finish your project in a sn-app. For current app customers, login to your dashboard.

Logos FAQ

Logo Revisions

Logo Revisions

Logos for long-established companies can receive a revision. Updating logos can help you relaunch your business, create a new buzz and remain memorable as well as becoming the cornerstone of your rebranding efforts.

Logos in Hi-Resolution


Digital files of all logos will be your final copyright and will arrive in several printing formats: .jpg, .pdf., vector and .png for both RGB and CYMK. This is an added bonus so whether you are printing a flyer from an office ink jet, a professional printer or for the web, you will have the appropriate files to use. We do reserve the right to use your logo on our website and additional marketing materials. (More advertising for you!)

Corporate Indentity Packges

Corporate Identity Packages

In the heart of all great brands, are logos. All companies should have a professionally designed logo. It is a creative edge that graphically communicates the qualities of your business and exemplifies the essence of your company. Corporate Identity Packages include new logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes.


What is SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites is the most over promised and under delivered digital component on the web. While great content is a part of SEO, other items your website needs are: technical accuracy, links, search engine compliance, mobile device friendliness, page speed, keywords, consistent citations and constant updating. Let a professional handle this delicate balance for optimal page rank.